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Hi my name is Hailey, and... I am social, energetic, decisive,and results driven with a true passion for everything I get involved with. Growing up, I knew at a very young age the answer to the answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up ?", However, I didn't know the professional term at the age of seven was "Interior Designer." As an adolescent my family owned an antique business and constantly had my brother and I involved in restoration projects, buying and selling antiques and collectibles, re-finishing furniture, and assisting our mother with buying, selling, and merchandising for her store, "Lynch Antiques". Who knew all that work would pay off AND could be so much fun? I couldn't wait to grow up and follow in my mothers footsteps.

Education was always very important to me, and so was my family, so I decided to stay closer to home and attended college at The State University of West Georgia, which allowed me to study design and still get to "play store" on the weekends! I recieved my BFA with a concentration in Interior Design in 1999, and later went on to open "Priscilla & Company", a quaint little store that offered design services in Duluth, GA. I built great relationships working with hundreds of furniture and accessory manufacturers, and landed contracts merchandising for companies such as, Henredon, Ralph Lauren, Barbara Barry, and many others. Model home merchandising was also a large part of my business, which led me to take a position with a National builder that allowed me to travel the U.S and design for an array of demographics. I was a busy Gal.


After years of living out of a suitcase, I decided to spend more time around my stomping ground, Atlanta G.A. (born and raised). I was, and still am, very fortunate to work with such talented people and companies, and it shows in my work. Helping others achieve freedom of chaotic and unplanned spaces, while creating personal and individual style is what excites me. I am meticulous, and perfect each individual job to suit my clients needs and desired outcome. Every job is different with specific needs, and I thrive on the ever changing projects that come my way. 


As my journey continues, my attention to detail (or tad bit of ADD...) has started to seep into peoples closets, pantry's, garages, etc., hence why 

I decided to add cleaning and organization to my offered services


I am thrilled to compile my background and experiences in PURE HAVEN HOME and would love the opportunity to help you with your needs.

Please check out more of our services that range from cleaning, organizing, DE-cluttering, sprucing up spaces, visual merchandising, real estate staging,and Interior Design.

My best,  



"I believe that everyone deserves a beautiful,organized,& clean space"


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